Accent Eye Care Peoria Family Optometry

Optometry involves complex, integrated, and necessary services in the field of vision health and well-being. Our eyes and vision must last a lifetime.

Family optometry
At Accent Eyes, in Peoria we have launched family optometry. We offer cohesive, optical exams and treatments under the umbrella of family-based optometry services. All of our services are tailored to meet your needs. Our cost-effective, budget friendly service in the Peoria area is very competitive. We also accept vision insurance and any employer based health savings account plans. Speak to one of our claims specialists regarding customizing a plan for you and for your family optometry essentials.

Outstanding service puts us ahead of other clinics in every measurement. The family optometry department’s objective is getting ahead of disease and vision changed by scheduling routine checkups, regularly. Optometry associations recommend annual vision screenings of at least once per year from infants to seniors.

Our services for the resident in Peoria are highly recommended. Visit our website for feedback analysis and testimonials that demonstrate our customer satisfaction levels. Many of new clients are referrals from present patients who are happy with the quality of our assessments, products, and service.

Family optometry at Accent Eyes includes a comprehensive eye examination and screening for specific medical conditions that influence long-term visual acuity. Improving vision is the singular aspect of our mission. That is why we vow to assure each client gets just that. Our team of professional optometrists and opticians take the time and initiative. They personally want to understand what you are looking for and how best to meet your needs.
With this attention to detail, our client base is growing exponentially. We would love that everyone becomes a member of our family eye care system. For advanced vision treatment and therapy, visit or schedule an appointment at Accent Eyes family optometry to see what makes us special, today.