Accent Eye Care Exploring Choroiditis

Choroiditis is a condition that affects the choroid of the retina. The disease is characterized by an inflamed choroid and can impair the vision. The disease may also cause white marks on the back inside part of the eye.

As soon as you experience any of these multiple signs of choroiditis contact your eye care professional at Accent Eyes for a consultation. These include pain in the eyes, blurred color vision, sensation to flashes of light, object distortion, excessive much water in the eyes, poor night vision and formations of lesions. The signs of the condition largely depend on the part of the eye that has been affected. Although the two eyes are affected, symptoms of the disease manifest after a long time in the second eye.

Risk Factors
A variety of various factors may predispose you to the condition. These include specific diseases, exposure to pets, weak immune system, and genetic factors. For example, an autoimmune disease like sarcoidosis and rheumatoid arthritis may predispose individuals to the disease. People with a variety of contagious illnesses like syphilis, HIV/AIDS and TB may at high risk of contracting the condition. If your immune system is weakened from specific conditions or poor diets, you might contract the choroiditis. Some people develop the disease due to poor lifestyle choices like consumption of large amounts of raw or poorly cooked meat. Yet, in others, it is a genetic condition due to HLA-A29 on their genes.

The first step to take when you have any changes in your vision or pain in your eyes, call Accent Eyes for an appointment. Our physician evaluates the condition and prescribes the appropriate medication and treatment plan. The medication prescribed depends typically on the cause of the disease. We are here to serve you and your family. For the best eye doctors, call us at (602)547-3255 or email us at