Accent Eye Care Peoria Eye Specialist

At Accent Eyes in the Peoria area, our eye specialist experts deliver unrivaled optic care. This includes advanced and comprehensive examinations with qualified, licensed eye care physicians and medical support staff.

With advancing technologies in the field of eye care, Accent Eyes implemented state-of-the-art vision therapy. These tools coupled with experienced professionals, who know exactly what patients need in every aspect of optical health. Human eyes are a beautiful and complex system with different capacities. We employ only superior, highly qualified, eye specialists. This is to ensure that our patients receive the best care, tailored to your specific needs and that of your family. Our medical and surgical eye specialists are certified to industry standards as set forth and developed by the State and Federal Governments.

With our experienced eye specialists in Peoria, we offer three major categories of eye care physicians who are always ready to help our clients. They are ophthalmologists, optometrist and the opticians. Ophthalmologists trained in advanced eye surgery, handle the delicate medical and surgical operations required in our patients. This can include lens implantation, cataract surgery, and tear duct opening. The other specialist is optometrists, who handle the vision care, eye exams, and other related eye care services such as prescriptions for contact lens, eyeglasses and corrective sunglasses. The final group is the opticians, who literally measure and fit you for eyeglasses and contact lenses. This is done after a thorough eye examination completed by former two groups of doctors – the ophthalmologist or optometrist.

With all the advanced tools and optical equipment, experienced personnel always come first. That is why our medical facility invested heavily in hiring extremely qualified and talented doctors and ancillary medical staff.

In Peoria, the eye specialists at Accent Eyes, care about you and your family and have the right professionals to provide the right examination. Our staff is friendly and willing to answer all your questions. Visit Accent Eyes online or call us to schedule an appointment, anytime for you or your family member.