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What is a Neuro ophthalmologist?

Did you know what we use almost half of all our brain power for vision related activities? This includes sight and the movement of the eyes. All of these actions originate in the brain. A neuro ophthalmologist is a doctor who takes care of the visual problems relating to the nervous system. This includes all conditions which do not originate from the eyes themselves. This subspecialty of neurology and ophthalmology requires advanced training after medical school with detailed coursework in problems of the eye, brain, nerves, and muscles.

Conditions Treated

Neuro ophthalmologists treat conditions that may or may not be serious. Sometimes the condition originates in the optic nerve or the nervous system, whereas others stem from medical conditions. Some of the common problems which are evaluated and treated by these specialized eye care providers include the following.
• Abnormal eye movement
• Double vision
• Eyelid abnormalities
• Optic nerve problems like optic neuritis and ischemic optic neuropathy
• Thyroid eye disease
• Transient visual loss
• Unexplained visual loss
• Visual disturbances
• Visual field loss

Preparing for your exam

Our qualified and highly trained staff understands that preparing for a neuro ophthalmologist appointment can be worrisome. Here at Accent Eyes, we pride ourselves on ensuring your comfort and ease during the entire process. To prepare for a neuro ophthalmology evaluation, make sure you complete these steps.

Contact your primary care provider and request that all records be sent to our office. This includes results of lab tests, and CT or MRI scans. Arrange for someone to come with you, since chances are, your pupils will be dilated. The eye drops will last about 4 hours.

Make sure your eyes are free of makeup so our team can carefully evaluate your eyelids. Bring a complete list of all medications you’re taking, including supplements and over the counter medications.