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Low Vision

You Can Enjoy Life despite Low Vision

Eyesight is a crucial sensory element that brings beauty in life. However, a percentage of people must live with visual limitations. This is because of low vision. The condition cannot be treated using any surgical or medical treatments, and neither can regular eyeglasses fix the underlying problems.

There are various causes of low vision, and among them are cataracts. They cause a hazy and blurry vision that eventually deteriorates your eyesight. Muscular degeneration also causes this condition as it blurs and obscures the central view. Diabetic retinopathy causes blind spots blurriness and visual distortions.

Another cause of the condition is glaucoma, which results in poor peripheral vision. This is evident in the optic condition known as Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). RP is characterized by the inability to see in the dark. Some causes of low vision are hereditary, and accidents to the eye are a significant cause. Low vision is characterized by light sensitivity and loss of contrast.

This diagnosis can be very traumatic to an adult as they may lose their independence and be unable to continue their activities of daily living. Children born with this condition may have learning difficulties. Regular checkups with their eye specialist can help to grow up as healthy as possible.

Have a discussion with your eye specialist regarding methods to improve your eyesight. They will help you to take the necessary steps to adapt to your new situation. The challenge will be to find what works best for you. There are specialized facilities and tools that can compensate for low vision. This may include digital desktop magnifiers, software programs that convert speech to text, bioptic telescopes, and even digital handheld magnifiers that allow a person to walk out. All said and done, always schedule appointments regularly with the eye specialist.