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CMV Retinitis

How to Manage Ophthalmological Conditions

Many conditions affect the immune system challenged individual. One of these conditions is CMV Retinitis. This condition is rare in individuals who are healthy and sound immunity systems. Most of the affected people are those that are suffering from the advanced stages of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

The condition is an ophthalmic disease that affects over 30 million people in the world, and over 95% of them live in medium and low-income regions. Thus confirming that poor nutrition, lack of proper hygiene will aggravate the effects. Most of these patients suffer silently without knowing how to manage the ophthalmological conditions that affect them.

Characterized by blurred vision, decreased visual accuracy, or visual alterations, the eyesight is generally unilateral, and there is the possibility of retinal detachment. However, the optical loss is progressive and evolves at a variable rate until the damage of the attacked eye is completed. CMV Retinitis due to its immune-suppressive nature changes with glaucoma and resulting secondary bacterial infection. You always need to seek ophthalmic assessment regularly; the frequency is dependent on the existence of CMV retinitis and CD4 count. Due to the immunity concerns the individual need to undergo testing for other opportunistic infections.

Research has confirmed that CMV Retinitis is an immune deficiency condition and it can be managed. These can be done by ensuring that the individual is on highly active antiretroviral medications. These go a long way to reduce the effects of HIV. Individuals also need to see a specialist regularly as well as check their optical nerves with an ophthalmologist regularly to prevent damage to their eyesight.

There are rare reports of the condition affecting even healthy people, but most of them develop as a result from the adverse effects of HIV. The critical solutions will be to maintain good eyesight is to see the eye specialist regularly