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Eye Examination

An eye examination is a checkup that goes beyond the vision test. The ophthalmologist may carry various procedures and tests to identify any underlying issue with your eye health.

Most eye diseases are sneaky as they hardly show any symptoms, especially in the early stages. For instance, there are some eye diseases that if not discovered early may advance to cause permanent damage. They include glaucoma, cataracts, keratoconus, and retinal detachment.

People regard the eye as the window of the soul and through the examination; it may be a window to your overall body health. The doctor can expose conditions such as hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and high blood pressure by observing retinal blood supply and the tissues. Scheduling regular eye examinations with an eye care specialist may stop serious issues from happening.

Why it is Important

Going for an eye examination may give the doctor an early lead to a problem when it is a treatable stage. Regular visits allow the specialist to prevent or correct a situation in your eyes that may harm or damage your vision.

Examination Process

Your first visit will prompt your eye specialist to inquire from you a series of questions related to your vision history. This lets the doctor know what kind of tests may need to be performed.

Your eye specialist will measure the visual acuity to determine whether you need contact lenses or glasses to enhance your vision.
The doctor may put drops in your eyes that cause numbing. This is to check the pressure in your eyes.

Other drops are used to dilate the pupil of the eyes. Dilation of the eye drops gives the doctor easier access to look inside your eyes for the examination.
After the dilation takes effect, your doctor performs several checks on the front and the inside of your eyes. During the process, several lights may be used to help the doctor evaluate any possible threat to your vision. After the results, your doctor will discuss the examination outcome.

Eye examinations are a regular part of keeping our eyes healthy and vision clear. These tests are nothing to worry about. They check vision, eye and blood vessel appearance, and eye functions. If abnormal findings are detected, the doctor will prescribe the next steps. These may include medicine, glasses, or surgery. Always make an annual eye examination part of your yearly to-do list.