Accent Eye Care Eye Cancers - Protecting Your Eyes From UV Rays

Protecting Your Eyes From UV Rays

The rapid and effective identification and treatment of eye cancers is essential to complete remission and long term visual health.

Treatment can stop further development of cancer cells in the eye area. In addition, can defer other types of non-cancerous or cancerous disorders related to eye to neighboring organs. Early eye cancer diagnosis is crucial for undergoing a suitable and successful form of treatment. This will maximum treatment benefits and minimize side effects.

The primary risk factor for contracting eye cancers include unprotected exposure to UV rays, including the sun and those received from tanning beds. Melanoma of the eye is like other melanoma and skin cancers as it may be the direct result of UV exposure. However, unlike melanoma found on the skin, ocular melanoma may not have any early symptoms.

The incidents of ocular melanomas increase as people age. Therefore, a regular eye exam is the best way to detect the disease, especially if you have already had a skin cancer. If you experience any of the following symptoms, contact your ophthalmologist immediately:

? Red, painful eye
? Small defect on the iris or conjunctiva
? Mucous membrane protecting the ball of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids
? Change in the color of the iris
? Poor vision in one eye
? Bulging eyes

It is true for any cancer, the earlier the diagnosis, the better chance for survival and remission.
Your eyes like your skin must be protected from UV from the day you are born.

Sunglasses can be worn by people of all ages to protect from eye cancers when outside. Close-fitting, wraparound glasses offer the best protection. Further, a hat with a three-inch brim blocks direct UVR rays from your eyes.

Visit your eye care professional for UV protective sunglasses and other ways to see clearly.