Accent Eye Care Contact Lenses Will Not Go Behind Your Eyes!

Contact lenses are thin curved lens that are placed directly on the eye’s surface. Some people use it to explore creativity by wearing contact lenses with color or cosmetic decorations. Just like eyeglasses, contact lenses also assist vision problems due to refractive errors (nearsightedness or farsightedness) by providing clear vision by directly focusing light so it enters the eye with the proper power.

Some individuals who are newly experiencing contact lenses might have worries about having these contact lenses being pushed behind the eyeball. Do they really get stuck behind our eyes? No, the eye’s anatomy prevents that from happening. Despite being delicate, the eyes are very well protected by our eyelids and Conjunctiva.

The eyelids connect itself to the eye, forming a barrier which prevents foreign objects from travelling behind the eye. Our Conjunctiva also acts as a security guard who will not allow foreign objects going behind the eyeball.

The Conjunctiva is a membrane that covers the eye’s surface and the eyelid’s inner surface. Its primary function is protecting the eyes by lubrication through its special cells producing tears and mucus. It keeps the eyes moist and prevents eye dryness. It is also responsible for keeping the eyelid’s inner portion moist to avoid irritation during friction which occurs during opening and closing of the eyelids. Its blood vessels also provide nutrients to the eye and lids thus providing immune surveillance.

The first segment of the Conjunctiva is the Bulbar Conjunctiva which covers the front part of the white of the eye or the Sclera. The second segment which is the Palpebral Conjunctiva covers the eyelid’s inner surface. Since the Bulbar and Palpebral Conjunctiva are continuous, it prevents fragments, dust, microorganisms and contact lenses getting lost behind the eye.

Just like our eyes, we must also take care of your contact lenses too. Clean your contact lenses with the proper solution and know the proper way of how to remove it from the eye. Here at Accent Eye Care, our eye specialists are committed to prescribe you with the exact contact lens your eyes need and will assist you on how to use it correctly.