Accent Eye Care General Questions for Contact Lens

Contact lens is an important part of life for people who use them as they help us see correctly without the hassle of wearing glasses. There are a few questions often asked on how to use contact lens in which we cover in this article.

Which needs to be put on first, contact lens or eye makeup?
The answer is contact lens. Put it on first before applying eye makeup.

Another common question often asked about contact lenses is that do they cause damage when worn inside-out? The answer is no. No, it does not cause any damage. The feeling might be uncomfortable but it does not lead to damage. To check the contact lens before placing them on your eye, it must be U-shaped for it to be in the correct position. It is inside-out when the U-shape has the top edges being spread out.

Is it okay to wash hands using scented or oily soaps before putting on contact lens?
It’s a no. Wash hands thoroughly before touching your contact lens but not with the use of scented soaps, oily soaps, creams and lotions.

How do I properly put one on?
Before opening the lens case, gently shake it first to loosen the lens in case it might be stuck. Pulling it using the fingers can cause damage to it. When taking it out of the case, slide it out into the palm of your hand and rinse it thoroughly with the solution. Place contact lens on the tip of the index and middle finger (finger must be dry). Pull up on your upper eyelid and down on your lower eyelid using fingers and thumb of the other hand. Look upward or forward when positioning the lens on your eye. Gently close eyes, roll eyes in a complete circle to settle the lens and blink. Check on the mirror to see if the lens is centered on the eye. All done, your lens will feel comfortable and vision will be clear when the contact lens are worn properly.

How to properly remove them?
To remove, wash hands first. Keep nails short to prevent scratching the eye accidentally. Look upward or sideways while pulling down the lower eyelid, gently manuever the lens onto the white of your eye, lightly pinch the lens together with the index finger and thumb and lift it off the eye. It is recommended that you discard and replace your contact lens case every three months.

Do contact lenses become lost at the back of the eye?
No, that’s impossible due to the membrane connecting the eye to the back of the eyelid.

There are specially designed contact lenses for astigmatism and overnight contacts to control myopia (nearsightedness).