Accent Eye Care What are antifog lenses?

Fogging refers to the accumulation of mist or steam on a surface when it is moved from one type of environment to another. For example, if you blow against a glass window on a chilly day, you see the window fog up.
In most cases, glasses fogging up is a very annoying phenomenon, and in some cases be dangerous. Lens fogging can occur when you move from a hot, humid environment to a cold environment or vice versa or by wearing a mask.
Examples of situations where glasses fog up include
a. Stepping out of your warm air-conditioned car into the cold wintery environment, your glasses will fog up.
b. Walking into a warm house when the weather is cold out, your glasses will fog up.
c. Chef’s glasses may fog up if they open a steamy lid off a pan.
d. Hospital nurse lenses’ may occasionally fog up when they wear a mask over their glasses.
There has been a lot of progress made into lenses, so wearers achieve high visual acuity, but the antifog innovation lagged behind. It took a while, but there are now ways for eyeglass wearers to avoid the fogging up experience.
The primary method is to give people with glasses antifog lenses. These lenses have a hydrophilic surface layer added to the lens, which repels mist and water from the lens’s surface.
This antifog technology can be applied to all types of lenses, whether they are tinted or clear, and for all visual corrections. In some cases, despite the lens having an antifog surface, the wearer may have to purchase an antifog activator. The activator maintains the moisture layer and mist repellant qualities.
Whether you live in a place where you encounter different temperatures or want to be prepared it is good to know that eyeglass technology has finally found a great solution. Come into Accent Eyes today to check out our stylish designer frames and ask about new lens. Set up your appointment online.