Accent Eye Care Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Most of us have always wished that we can see things clear despite it being near or far. Being able to
see clearly is one of the best qualities we need in life in order for us to live comfortably. We use our vision
for daily tasks, for hobbies, and for entertainment. Some people suffer from Astigmatism but eyeglasses
and contact lenses are all over the globe right now in order to aid these people and assist them in seeing
things clearly.

Soft contact lenses are thin and clear plastic disks worn on the eyes. They float on the tear film that
covers the cornea. Just like how eyeglasses work, these lenses help us see clearly the objects that are
once blurry due to refractive errors.

Standard soft contact lenses help us see clearly but they don’t correct astigmatism. For people
experiencing mild astigmatism, they should choose rigid gas-permeable contact lenses. These contact
lenses maintain their regular shape when placed over the cornea which allows them to make up for the
cornea’s irregular shape.

Accent Eye Care Contact Lenses for Astigmatism  The best choice for people with Astigmatism is the Toric Contact Lenses because they are specifically designed
for Astigmatism. Its shape creates a different focusing power that helps correct astigmatism. Toric Contact
Lenses have thicker zones that keep them from rotating when they are worn. Consistent visual acuity
can be attained because it helps the person orient lenses the same way every time. Visual acuity is
the ability to discern the shapes and details of objects which is a factor of overall vision. It includes color,
peripheral vision, and depth perception.

Since Toric Contact Lenses must be placed in a specific way on the eyes, it is important to attain the
exact fit. Since they have a middle axis that circles the middle of the lens, it helps provide a line of clear

Here at Accent Eye Care, we can help you choose the best contact lenses just for you!