Tears are especially important to us as they help lubricate our eyes. If your tears are not enough to do their function, then you have a condition known as dry eyes. This inadequacy in tears can be caused by many factors like the production of tears that are poor in quality or not producing the volume of tears needed. At Accent Eyes in Phoenix, we have come across quite a number of people who have suffered from a dry eyes condition.

Some situations may make you prone to this extremely uncomfortable dry eyes. For instance, while in an air-conditioned room, an airplane, while riding, or after gazing at the computer screen for several hours. Anyone with dry eyes may complain of a burning, scratchy, or stingy sensation in their eyes that is uncomfortable.

Other signs and symptoms of dry eyes include: redness in the eyes, sinewy mucus in or around the eyes, difficulty with contact lenses, sensitivity to light, trouble in nighttime driving, eye fatigue or blurred vision, watery eyes, or a feeling like you have something in your eyes.

There is comfort in seeking dry eyes treatment whenever the condition occurs. These treatments may involve a few changes in lifestyle as well as eye drops. These eye drops are readily available at our ophthalmic center in Phoenix. These treatments can take place for an extended period. For this reason, be ready for changes that may last a while.

If you have dry eyes symptoms, visit and check out information on our services regarding the problem. You can also come to our Phoenix center and let us be of service to you. We look forward to taking away the uncomfortable feeling in your eyes and bringing back the comfort that you once felt. Feel free to reach out to us!