Accent Eye Care Why is Preliminary Testing a Must?

Why is Preliminary Testing a Must?

Initially, to specify the patients’ ocular health, visual function, and relevant systemic health status, Preliminary Testing is used.

In addition, those areas may evaluate:

• General observation of the patient s overall appearance and mobility
• Neurological evaluation of pupil responses to light
• Colour vision
• View of external ocular and the facial regions
• Extraocular muscle movements and eye-tracking
• Binocular eye alignment
• Binocular depth perception
• Focusing skills

Preliminary Testing technology makes use of a scanning laser ophthalmoscope to note a 200-degree digital image of the retina to follow any changes.

What is there in Preliminary Testing?

1. Colour Vision
In this test, the Ishihara Color testing plates are used to decide the availability of red-green colour flaws.

2. Depth Perception
This test is used to test to decide the availability of 3-D vision or binocular vision. It determines the existence of situations like lazy eye or cross-eyes.

3. Auto Refraction
In this, a computer-controlled device is used to offer a targeted evaluation of your prescription for glasses or refractive error or contact lenses. This fast, easy and smooth test decides the deepness and shape of the eyes by assessing how light is changed as it walks the eye.

4. Autokeratometry
Autokeratometry is a computerized diagnostic device for determining the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea, especially for measuring the axis and extent of astigmatism.

5. Visual Field Screening (FDT)
FDT is the latest evolution in glaucoma technology. The smooth and straightforward test assists identify glaucoma accurately and early. The reacts responds to patterns of flickering light in the device, which estimated data.

Preliminary Testing involves an evaluation of binocular vision, ocular motility, and accommodation. The relationship of these functional features of vision is particularly crucial for comfortable and clear vision for reading and other vital work.