Accent Eye Care Visual Optimal Athletic Performance | Arizona

When you’re an athlete or an amateur sportsperson, you know just how important it is to have Visual Optimal Athletic Performance from Arizona. Your vision could be the difference between a stellar performance and a shoddy one. Specialists in eye care can refer several methods to enhance your vision and, in turn, your performance on the field or court.

The Link between Sports Performance and Vision

Experts estimate that our eyes contribute about 80 percent of the perceptual input when we’re playing a sport. This means that our vision can drastically affect our performance out there – either positively or adversely. Now is the time to take Visual Optimal Athletic Performance in Arizona, seriously.

Fulfilling Your Potential

With a better vision, every athlete will be able to tap into their hidden potential. This is because the vision department includes not just a clear sight but also information processing and motor performance. Every sport requires a certain level of visual skills such as eye-tracking, visual memory, depth perception, visual acuity, eye-hand-body coordination, and peripheral vision. Plus, you need to process the visual stimuli and also respond as soon as possible.

Our specialized and trained staff will help you get to the highest performance level possible. With the Visual Optimal Athletic Performance in Arizona, you can get the endowment you need with the right training and tests. This will help you determine the current level of your performance on a deeper level. The staff can then guide you about getting specialty contact lenses, tinted eyewear, or even some vitamins that you can take to speed up visual processing.


The tests, training, and assessment of your vision are among the first steps. After this, our eye-care experts will take you to the next step. With the necessary assistance, you can get that Visual Optimal Athletic Performance in Arizona and start living your dream again.