Accent Eye Care Optical technology | Phoenix

The optical technology tools that our Phoenix office might seem intimidating or scary since you often first encounter them in a darkened room! Lots of people avoid or delay their regular eye exams. We’re here to tell you that the optical technology we use is painless, efficient, and fully accurate! Let’s take a look at the standard eye exam tools you’re likely to find in our Phoenix office.

Autorefractor: helps measure the refractive error of your eyes and helps our Phoenix team prescribe lenses to help you see better. All you do is look in the machine and look at pictures. How easy is that?

Ophthalmoscope: This piece of optical technology helps our Accent Eyes team examine the interior of your eye. It consists of a light source with built in mirrors and lenses that helps us examine your retina.

Retinal Camera: This is one of the most innovative pieces of optical technology that you’ll find in our Phoenix office. It helps capture images of the interior surface of your eye.

Retinoscope: In cases when patients can’t give feedback because of physical or mental conditions, retinoscopes help bridge the gap. This machine measures the refractive error and determines lens prescription.

Snellen Chart: Chances are you’ve come across one of these. The Snellen Chart is one of the most common tools used by our team and consists of letters and numbers that decrease in size the further down the chart you go.

Tonometer: This is one of the oldest optical technology instruments around! It helps measure pressure of fluids inside your eyeballs and helps diagnose diseases.

Now that you know the machines, you’re likely to see during your visit, give us a call today. Our expert team at Accent Eyes is ready to help you begin to see your best life.