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Accent Eye Care Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Clear | North Phoenix Eye Care

At Accent Eyes we put family first. Our North Phoenix eye care treatment center welcomes patients of all ages looking for quality vision exams, therapy, treatments and more. Nobody should have to struggle with daily vision problems. With our highly qualified staff, state of the art technology, and decades of experience, we can provide the […]

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Accent Eye Care 3 Vision Therapy Exercises You Can Do at Home Right Now!

Learning and Your Vision Your eyes are amazing. They have the ability to automatically focus, track moving targets, and move your eyes together as one team. Without these skills, you could experience confusion, decreased reading comprehension, disorientation, lack of focus, and poor cognitive abilities. 20/20 clarity is important, but visual skills and functionality can seriously […]

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Accent Eye Care Does Vision Therapy Work? | Improve Your Child's School Performance

What Is Vision Therapy? Vision therapy is an individualized therapy program for the eyes that shares many similarities with physical therapy. It is primarily used to improve ocular motor and perceptual skills to treat learning disabilities or conditions such as strabismus. Vision therapy is also often considered one of the most controversial topics in optometry. […]

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Accent Eye Care Look Your Best and See Your Best with Accent Eyewear!

How Can Vision Affect Your Everyday Life? Sight accompanies you throughout nearly every second of everyday. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep your eyes are working tirelessly to gather and process the information presented to you. Constantly straining your eyes to see distant objects or read a menu gets tedious […]

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Accent Eye Care Visit Accent Eyes for the Best Phoenix Contact Lenses

Do you wear glasses? Most people who need glasses can wear contact lenses too. They offer freedom and convenience that glasses just can’t hold up to. Contacts can even be used to treat conditions like astigmatism or irregularly shaped eyes. Accent Eye Care is the leading supplier of both practical and specialized contacts. For the […]

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