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Accent Eye Care Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Clear | North Phoenix Eye Care

At Accent Eyes we put family first. Our North Phoenix eye care treatment center welcomes patients of all ages looking for quality vision exams, therapy, treatments and more. Nobody should have to struggle with daily vision problems. With our highly qualified staff, state of the art technology, and decades of experience, we can provide the […]

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Accent Eye Care Therapy For Sports Vision, Recovery, Academics and More!

How Important Are Your Eyes As An Athlete? Being an athlete is a lot of hard work and strain on your body. In order to perform at your optimal level, you need to keep every part of your body trained and healthy. It takes maintenance, much like a well oiled machine. Unfortunately, many athletes take […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision Therapy for Phoenix Patients of All Ages

Who is Vision Therapy Best For? Vision therapy is an individualized eye therapy program that is used by children and adults to improve cognitive skills, focus, and teamwork of the eyes. Vision therapy retrains the brain and strengthens the muscles of your eyes. From adults to children, students to athletes, everyone has a reason to […]

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Accent Eye Care Does Vision Therapy Work? | Improve Your Child's School Performance

What Is Vision Therapy? Vision therapy is an individualized therapy program for the eyes that shares many similarities with physical therapy. It is primarily used to improve ocular motor and perceptual skills to treat learning disabilities or conditions such as strabismus. Vision therapy is also often considered one of the most controversial topics in optometry. […]

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Accent Eye Care Accent Eye Care | The Best Eye Care Clinic in Phoenix

Great For Children and Adults! Accent Eye Care provides the best eye care in Phoenix for both children and adults! We take special pride in our family services and even participate in the InfantSEE program so your children under the age of one can receive a one-time free eye exam. Proper eye care is important […]

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Accent Eye Care Maximize Your Athletic Skills With Phoenix Sports Vision Therapy!

“The public doesn’t realize that you need 17 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports, and in life.”  ~ Larry Fitzgerald Elite athletes in Phoenix take advantage of specialized training regimens that improve visual skills. However, at lower levels of play this fact is sadly less prominent and often ignored. This is why many peak […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision Health | How To Maintain Great Eyesight | Accent Eye Care

Vision is an essential part of everyday life, yet millions of Americans live with ocular impairment and don’t practice vision health. This puts many at risk of injury and disease. The goal at Accent Eye Care is to provide the highest quality vision care, eyewear, exams, therapy, and more to Phoenix, Arizona. Our eye care […]

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