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Eye Strain Symptoms , Causes , and Affects

Eye strain involves a spectrum of symptoms that manifest after your eyes have been overworked or are overtired. Often, these symptoms will occur after you’ve read for a while or have been staring at a screen for an extended period of time. Eye strain can also occur after tedious visual tasks that involve intense concentration, like bead work or needlepoint.

Symptoms of eye strain include the following:
• Blurred vision
• Double vision
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Pain in or around the eyes

When your eyes are overworked, the ciliary muscle tightens. This happens when you’ve been reading or looking at a screen without giving your eyes a rest. Once the ciliary muscle is tight, your eyes can become very irritated and uncomfortable. Most often, the best recommended treatment is to give your eyes a break. This can be achieved by blinking rapidly and then staring at an object far off in the distance.

When eye strain is not the result of overuse, it could be the result of a specific visual problem. Our expert team at Accent Eyes is trained to diagnose and treat these conditions, which can include:
• Accommodative insufficiency or heterophoria
• Binocular vision problems
• Distortion caused by refractive properties
• Uncorrected refraction errors

Often eye strain is caused by forcing the eye to focus for a long period of time. If you suspect that you have eye strain, it’s important for our team to evaluate you as quickly as possible. The longer eye strain goes untreated, the tenser the ciliary muscle becomes.

Treatment for eye strain should be handled with the same care and concern as any other muscle strain. With the right course of treatment, it’s possible to reduce or eliminate eye strain. You only have one set of us. Let our team at Accent Eyes keep your eyes seeing sharp.