Accent Eye Care Vision Care Facility

Vision Care Facility

At our vision care facility, vision is vastly important in our everyday lives and nobody knows that better than the vision care facility at Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision. Their eye doctors and staff want each and individual person to feel comfortable and offer the highest quality of care. This includes eyewear, eye exams, vision therapy, and eye care.

The vision care facility is located in Phoenix, Arizona and it offers a comprehensive vision service to its surrounding community. The staff and doctors want the entire family to feel good about their eye health and understand that appearances are part of having a quality of life. Optometrist, Dr. Aleta Gong who was featured on the CBS Five News, discussing the risks involving kids under six-years-old wearing 3-D glasses, will be happy to assist you with any needs you may have.

At our vision care facility, we incorporate innovative technology and methods that are proven to work, as well as carry the styles and fashionable products to meet your visual needs. Several price ranges are available as well. Customers have praised Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision stating how they felt welcome and were treated with care. The doctors and staff at hand will use all multiple modalities to identify any vision problems that a person may have. This includes asking questions, performing tests, and giving reassurance that an answer will be found.

The people at Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision appreciate each and every individual that walks through their doors are seen with the utmost care. They have created an environment where the customer needs are met quickly, yet efficiently with quality of care. Doctors want to make sure everything is okay, and letting each person know that they can be reached with any questions or concerns. Anyone looking for professional and compassionate service through vision testing, results, or treatments should trust the employees at the Accent Eye Care and Sports Vision facility, they are there to help! Come visit their eye care center located in Phoenix at 16020 N. 35th Ave. #2, Phoenix, AZ 8505