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Accent Eye Care Eye Strain | Accent Eye Care

Eye Strain Symptoms , Causes , and Affects Eye strain involves a spectrum of symptoms that manifest after your eyes have been overworked or are overtired. Often, these symptoms will occur after you’ve read for a while or have been staring at a screen for an extended period of time. Eye strain can also occur […]

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Accent Eye Care Phoenix Vision Therapy

Phoenix Vision Therapy Vision therapy is a broad term used to refer to the progressive programs of vision exercises that are used to correct convergence disorder. Convergence disorder is a neuromuscular anomaly of the binocular vision system; binocular vision refers to the ability of a person-or any animal for that matter- to use both eyes […]

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Accent Eye Care Phoenix Vision Care

Best Vision Care When you’re seeking Phoenix vision care, look no further than our progressive and state of the art practice. We’re conveniently located and offer hours that will fit your schedule and your needs. When you’re searching for the best eye exam, don’t just resort to the most convenient choice. Make sure the practice […]

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Accent Eye Care Phoenix Vision Treatment Center

How to choose an eye treatment center? Eye care is often an important overlooked aspect of general health. It is therefore essential to find a good eye doctor. You need to be sure that whomever you choose is competent and board certified. Our Phoenix vision treatment center has qualified and well trained eye doctors who […]

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Accent Eye Care Vision Therapy For Strabismus Treatment | Accent Eye Care

Vision Therapy For Strabismus What is Strabismus? Strabismus, better known as crossed eyes, is a condition that causes one or both eyes to point in a different direction. It is a fairly common condition, affecting about 4 percent of all US children according to the AAO. This condition can be consistent, or one eye may […]

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