Accent Eye Care Vision Therapy for Infants

According to the American optometric association, AOA, the presence of vision and eye problems in infants is uncommon. However, if it does happen, it could lead to a condition known as learning disability. Infants with a learning disability correlates with visual challenges. Does your infant have a learning disability? Has your infant been complaining about eye discomfort? At Accent Eyes in North Phoenix, we provide a visual therapy for infant’s program. This is customized to improve your child’s visual abilities. Visual Therapy can help solve some vision problems.
How Vision Therapy in Infants Works
Vision therapy for infants is a doctor-supervised, non-invasive, and a customized program designed to correct visual problems. It is done through the use of visual activities that can improve one’s eye skills and correct specific vision disorders. Its purpose is to ‘teach’ the visual system to correct itself without the use of eyeglasses, eye surgery or contact lenses. It is a physical therapy for the visual system.
In vision therapy for infants the use of lenses, filters, video games and prisms are used to help correct the infant vision and visual skills. With the use of visual therapy in infants, our medical professionals at Accent Eyes can correct disorders that include the following

• Strabismus: it is known as crossed eyes. The infant cannot align both eyes simultaneously under normal circumstances.

• Amblyopia: this is a vision problem that happens when the connection between the eye and the brain doesn’t develop properly. Symptoms are double or on equal eyesight.

• Focus disorder

• Eye Movement

Bringing It Home
While, many optometrists support of the use of visual therapy for infants, some are still against it. At Accent Eyes in North Phoenix, we recognize that a successful visual therapy program goes beyond the tools used for the therapy. It is teamwork between your doctor, the child, and the parents that lead to successful outcomes.