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Do you know that using protective eyewear can keep your eyes safe? Studies by the World Health Organization shows that impaired vision affects about 2.2 billion people worldwide The use of glasses or contacts can help treat or avoid 80% of all visual impairments. Furthermore, findings by the Vision Impact Institute in their studies on corrective lens shows that 3 out of 4 people in the United States need vision correction. Of these individuals 71% wear glasses and 22% wear contacts. At Accent Eyes in North Phoenix, we take pleasure in providing you fashion that will enhance your look and visual acuity.
Different Types
Just the same way your day-to-day tasks changes, so will your need for a variety of eyewear.
We live in the information age. People spend many hours glaring at their phones, computer systems, tv and more. Studies shows that the average PC users spend an about 8 hours a day looking at their computers. This often leads to strained and tired eyes. With our computer eyewear from Accent Eyes, the effect of the eye strain caused by the prolonged exposure to the computer screen is minimized. In addition, using a computer eyewear provides you with clearer vision and reduces the effect of strain.
This type of eyewear can help you prevent the glare from sunlight bouncing off of surfaces and into your eyes. You will find this useful in many ways such as when driving, fishing, boating, and even when visiting the beach.
A lot of people have turned to the use of eyewear to complement their looks. Depending on the occasion and the look you desire, Accent Eyes at North Phoenix can provide you with pair of glasses that complement your style. Perhaps, a night out at the movies requires a more stylish frame than when going to work.
We invite you to take the next step in getting the glasses you need for all occasions at Accent Eyes in North Phoenix. Regardless of your age and look, we have the eyewear that can protect your eye, and gives you the look you desire.