Accent Eye Care Vision and learning

Research shows that 80% of a person’s knowledge is formed from visual input and 13% of parents with children below the age of 2 do take them in for a proper eye examination. Therefore, there is a direct correlation between vision and learning. Poor vision affects your learning in many ways, as it lowers reading comprehension ability. Visual prowess can determine how much information and knowledge you can acquire and retain. At Accent Eyes in North Phoenix, we understand how poor vision, if not managed in time can limit a person’s potential in life. Our optical experts can help you solve challenges like this.

Vision and Learning Enhancement
At Accent Eye in North Phoenix, we enhance our patient’s vision and learning abilities through our various Visual Therapy programs. Our ocular treatments cut across all age groups and medical conditions. Some categories of patients that may benefit from our visual therapy include individuals with autistic, dyslexic challenges, those who cannot focus, and those with lazy eyes.

Our professional medical staff can boost the quality of your vision and learning abilities. We perform various tests with special lenses on all our patients if requested. The physicians detect refractive errors like myopia, hyper myopia, astigmatism, and others that could limit your visual ability. They will offer the necessary solutions with our smart optical technology.

The objectives of our services are to improve our patient’s vision and learning ability and cognitive abilities, social skills, relationship with their peers, and self-esteem. The frequency and duration of treatment will depend on the doctor’s diagnosis.

Bringing It Home
According to the American Federation of Teachers, “ Even the most gifted student will struggle academically if they have trouble seeing the blackboard or focusing on a book.” At Accent Eyes in North Phoenix, our vision and learning therapy program is scheduled to allow you to meet one on one with our visual experts and confide in them. Each of these schedules is fashioned in such a way to meet your needs, medical conditions, and personal goals. If you or someone you love, skips words when reading or writes letters and figures in an inverted fashion, call or visit our office as soon as possible.