Accent Eye Care The trouble with dry eyes

Dry eye syndrome occurs by a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the eye’s surface. Some notable features of dry eye syndrome include subtle eye irritation, significant inflammation, and scarring of the front of the eye surface. The medical term that describes dry eyes is Keratitis sicca, an inflammation of the cornea. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca refers to a dry eye that affects the cornea and conjunctiva. Dysfunctional tear syndrome emphasizes that the inadequate quality of tears is as essential as insufficient quantity.

A review of global health reported that studies have shown the prevalence of dry eyes ranges from 5% to as high as 50% in different populations across the world. Some risk factors associated with dry eyes include advanced age, menopause, and computer use. Symptoms of dry eye syndrome include

Itchy eyes
Burning and aching sensations
Sore eyes
Heavy eyes
Fatigued- eyes
Red eyes.

Another common symptom is foreign body sensation, feeling that grit or some other object is in your eye. Dry eye syndrome can also affect the outcome of LASIK and cataract surgery.

There are different treatment options if you suffer from chronic dry eye. Routine use of artificial tears and slight behavioral modifications like taking frequent breaks during computer use can significantly reduce dry eye syndrome. Besides, an Accent Eyes optician might recommend prescription eye medications and in-office procedures to help your body create more tears, thereby decreasing eye irritation and inflammation.

The only way to know if you have chronic dry eye syndrome is to have an optician perform one or more dry eye tests for you. Symptoms can vary from person to person and are sometimes affected by personality type.

See our ocular experts at Accent Eyes for a detailed examination of your eyes. It can reveal the presence and severity of dry eye syndrome. Our optician or physicians will determine the right kind of treatment to keep your eyes healthy, comfortable, and well. Accent Eyes takes care of all your families vision needs.