Accent Eye Care Contact lenses for people with dry eyes

It is false to conclude that dry and contact lenses do not go together. While it is true that having dry eyes means that the tear film meant to moisturize your eyes are not working as well as it should, it does not erase your ability to wear contacts. It only makes it a little more challenging. If you have dry eyes and want to wear contacts, follow these rules,
Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your lenses: as obvious as this seems, most people do not wash their hands as often as they should. Use clean hands when touching your contacts as it makes it less likely for you to transfer infection-carrying pathogens from your fingers to your lenses and into your eyes. After washing with water and mild soap, use a lint-free towel to dry your hands.

Never sleep in your contacts. Sleeping in your contacts puts you at high risk of developing an infection on your cornea, the transparent dome-shaped surface of your eye. Sleeping in your contacts does not allow your eyes receive as much oxygen as they should, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Corneal infections may lead to corneal ulcers, which are sores on the surface of your eyes. Besides, sleeping in your contacts can mess up with your natural tear film and make your dry eyes worse.

Do not extend your contacts’ wear time. It is not good practice to wear your contact lens until they are falling off your eyeballs. Even if you clean your lenses after every wear, debris can build upon them over time, making it harder for tears to spread evenly across your eyeballs. A contact lens specialist with UCLA Health, Vivian Shibayanna, states that if you are not meticulous about cleaning your lenses while using them for a prolonged period, it’s easier for them to collect microorganisms that can cause infection.

Other tips you should follow religiously include:
Changing the solution in the lens case.

Using rewetting drops when the eyes don’t feel dry.

Letting the eyes breathe by going contact-free for a few hours a day.

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