Accent Eye Care Use eye sunglasses to shield your eyes from rays.

As useful as the sun’s rays are for life on earth, its ultraviolet rays (UV rays) are detrimental to your eye health. Ultraviolet radiation is similar to visible light. However, unlike normal light, it does not let you see things. Visible light is a kind of radiation composed of every shade of the rainbow. Sunlight is the source of UV radiation, which can cause damage to the tissues in your eyes. Studies demonstrate that spending a long time in the sun without eye protection can increase your risk of contracting eye diseases, some of which may lead to blindness.

The best defense against all UV-related conditions affecting the eye is to wear a high-quality pair of sunglasses whenever you are outside. Alternatives, like contact lenses, specifically designed to block UV, shield only a part of the eye, excluding the conjunctiva, which is necessary for sight. Although light may appear fainter through different colors and tints, the shade of your sunglasses’ lenses does not affect how much UV protection they offer. If you want to prevent UV damage to your eyes, you should procure a pair of sunglasses that blocks 100% UV rays. Buy sunglasses with large lenses or those with a close-fitting wraparound style for extra assurance. A quick test with your optician will help determine how much protection you require. You must also strive to wear sunglasses even when you in the shade.

The fundamental features to search for when picking out a pair of glasses are certifying guarantees printed on the frames. It usually includes a statement that the glasses offer at least 99% ultraviolet protection. Also, look for a style that protects the entire eyes, not just the center. It is where the wraparound glasses come in handy.

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