Accent Eye Care Infants Vision | North Phoenix

Just as oxygen is essential to life, the vision of an infant is also crucial for your baby’s proper functioning. There is no doubt that the joy of every mother is to see her newborn baby look up into her eyes, after birth.

At Accent Eyes in North Phoenix, we share your joy with you. We know how vital your infant’s vision is, and our team of highly qualified professionals works to ensure your baby’s eyesight develops at the right pace. Accent Eyes in North Phoenix remains the best place to build your infant’s vision properly and to service your family’s eye care needs.

As early as six months after birth, it is recommended that parents to bring their infants in for their first vision and ocular system check. At Accent Eyes eye care, we have a team of licensed professionals who will evaluate and screen your infant’s vision. Some of our services include a one-time eye examination for babies under the age of one for zero dollars. Dr. Gong and her medical team use 21st- century optical equipment to check for impairment or disorders that could affect your infant’s vision.

At Accent Eyes, we are pro-active. We offer genetic testing for your infant in other to detect if there is macular degeneration or other ocular conditions. Our examination room is child-friendly and relaxing. To improve the quality of your infant’s vision, we the use of Paragon CRT contact lenses. These lenses enhance their vision and social skills during the day. We provide a full range of visual therapy for babies. Our visual therapy aids your infant’s vision by improving your baby’s ability to process visual information. With improved vision, your baby can acquire new skills fast!

When it comes to improving the quality of an infant vision, our previous and current patients can testify to our successes. We use innovative technology to restore and promote your infant’s vision sight. The ease with which we perform our services makes us everyone’s smart choice.

Bringing it Home
According to the American Optometrist Association (AOA), “healthy eyes and good vision play an essential role in how infants learn to see.” Vision problems in an infant can lead to developmental and learning delays. Your infant’s vision must be examined early by our professionals at Accent Eyes in North Phoenix to prevent and correct any eye or vision challenges.