Accent Eye Care Pediatric Technology | North Phoenix

The field of medicine has seen many technological advancements in the twentieth century compared to many centuries before. This made it easier for physicians to save more lives by offering quicker and safer services. Some of these technologies have found use by pediatricians in providing patients better healthcare service delivery. This is especially critical when managing complex cases in children. The sensitive nature of a child’s body system might make the use of some of these technologies difficult compared an adult. At Accent Eyes, we understand the peculiar nature of a child’s body. We utilize state of the art pediatric technology to provide your child with the best technology when treating disorders in the eyes. Some of the pediatric technologies in use at Accent Eyes in North Phoenix that our professionals use in treating disorders in kids’ eyes include:

New imaging device such as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) helps monitor the details of a child ocular anatomy. In addition, OCT assesses children with glaucoma and other less common retinal degenerative diseases.

Optos’ patented ultra-widefield digital scanning laser technology – With the Optus our pediatric ophthalmologists can detect, analyze, diagnose, document and manage the presence of ocular pathology. It finds systemic disease faster in your child’s eye compared to using the traditional conventional methods.
Furthermore, this technology provides our ophthalmologists with a 200-degree view of the retina compared to 45 degree achieved when using the conventional methods.

Plusoptix Automated Refractor: With the paediatric technology at Accent Eyes in North Phoenix, our ophthalmologist can detect most common visual disorders in children as early as possible.

Pediatric Technology makes administering healthcare service easier for all our patients. In the North Phoenix area at Accent Eyes, we always invest in state-of-the-art technologies that deliver world class service to all our patients. Book your with our licensed specialists appointment today.