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Are you or your child having a challenge with visual perception? Poor or impaired visual perception skills affects you or your child’s learning abilities. Visual perception refers to how your brain interprets the images your eyes sees. These skills are important for everyday activities such as writing, eating, playing, driving, dressing and more. The absence of these skills can affect your child’s self-esteem, which could lead to poor performance in school. It is essential that you get this corrected without delay. Stroboscopic training at Accent Eyes in North Phoenix improves visual perception skills.

How Visual Training Works
Visual training with stroboscopic devices enhances important visual, cognitive, and perceptual skills. This in turn may translate to improved sporting performance. In North Phoenix, Accent Eyes have the technology to service your family.
According to the NCBI, visual training can improve anticipatory timing. “Stroboscopic visual training (SVT) is the practice of placing individuals under conditions of intermittent vision, often using specialized eyewear, in an attempt to enhance visual and perceptual skills.” SVT has been used extensively especially in sports for close to a decade in improving a person cognition skill.
There are four types of SCT instruments: Strobe light, Senaptec Strobe eyewear, Visionup strobe glasses, and MJ impulse eyewear.
Research shows that with the use of SVT, skills such as short-term visual memory, processing speed, central-field motion sensitivity, anticipation, accommodation, and dynamic visual acuity, have all been found to get better after a period of SVT.

Stroboscopic visual training has found its application in many ways especially in fields such as sports, healthcare, education, and rehabilitation. If you are ever in doubt of your visual perception skills, you can count on our professionals at Accent Eyes care in North Phoenix. Our professionally will examine and se the Stroboscopic visual training to help improve your perceptual and visual skills. Call us today.,transfer%20to%20improved%20motor%20performance.