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Accent Eye Care Should You Be Looking For a Nearby Vision Therapy Specialist?

According to the National Eye Institute, poor vision affects 1 in 28 Americans 40 years of age and older. In addition, based on estimates, 1.6 million people in America will become blind by the year 2020, because of vision impairment. The condition of your vision affects the overall quality of your life. To maintain proper […]

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An optometrist is a trained physician whose job is to assess, diagnose, and treat eye conditions. In this context, a pediatric optometrist, in Phoenix, is an eye doctor for your child. If your child has any problems reading at school, cannot see the board clearly, or seems overly clumsy, it is likely that there is […]

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Accent Eye Care Ocular Conditions Treatment | Optometrist Phoenix AZ

Approximately 11 million Americans over 12 years and older can improve their vision through proper refractive correction, says The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In addition, CDC says that more than 3.3 million Americans above the age of 40 years can be classified as legally blind or with a low visual acuity in […]

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Accent Eye Care The Best Phoenix Children's Optometrist | Accent Eye Care

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), every child needs to undergo eyes screening examination at 6 months, 3 years, 5 years, and afterward annually. Kids and even infants are not exempted from having vision impairment. Children by nature are adaptive, and due to their limited knowledge might not be able to express themselves well. […]

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Accent Eye Care Four Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Glasses Frames

The eye is an important organ that provides us the ability to see. The eye, like other body parts, can grow weak because of certain factors. Many variable can affect eye health that includes unhealthy habits, age, and diseases. Depending on the degree of impairment, your physician might recommend the use of eyeglasses to restore […]

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Accent Eye Care What Your Face Says About Your Style of Glasses

Whether you’re buying your first pair of glasses from your Phoenix, AZ optometrist or you’re a seasoned pro, picking the right frames for your face is essential. There are an endless number of faces out there and, luckily, there are just as many different frames. We’ve focused on some of the most common face shapes: […]

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