Accent Eye Care Is Your Child Suffering From Poor Vision? | Phoenix Developmental Optometrist

Research indicates that one in every 10 children has vision challenges severe enough to interfere with their learning in school. No one is immune to vision problems. It affects a child in many ways, ultimately limiting the quality of the person’s life. Research shows that approximately 80 percent of learning is dependent on vision. A comprehensive eye test will provide you information about the physical conditions and health of your kid’s eyes. However, these tests do not detect visual disorders that interfere with reading and learning.

There are instances, where a test does not detect the presence of any disease in a child’s eye; however, the same child experiences vision challenges that interfere with learning and reading. Research shows that a basic eye examination will miss close to 75 percent of vision problems that include tracking, focusing, and visual processing problems. Subsequently, having a developmental optometrist examination can help detect impairment to a child’s visual skill. These examinations go beyond the normal 20/20 test.

The Use of Vision Therapy by Developmental Optometrist

Research indicates that the use of Vision Therapy provides patient’s with remarkable and lasting improvement in their visual skill functions. Numerous scientific and evidence based research have equally thrown their weight behind the effectiveness of Optometric vision therapy in enhancing vision skills.

Vision Therapy is more than just an eye exercise. It is a program designed for vision enhancement. It is drug-free, safe, and effective for both adults and children. It is individualized to fit the specific visual needs of each patient. The Optometric developmental vision therapy uses the practice of neuroscience to develop the neuromuscular control of a person’s vision. At the same time helping to improvement the person’s visual skills. Patients treated by a developmental optometrist are assured of improvement in their fundamental skills and abilities.

Vision Therapy Technology

Our developmental optometrist in Phoenix uses the Senaptec Strobe, which is the latest visual therapy technology in helping patients improve their visual skills. The senaptec strobe technology is programmed to train the connection between an individual eye, body, and the brain. It removes all forms of visual information hindering the smooth and efficient processing of information among the body parts involved in visual skill functions.

Having a developmental optometrist check your eyes provides you with a better assessment of the health of your eyes compared to the 20/20 that checks for visual acuity. Are you or your child struggling in reading or visually process information? A developmental optometrist can help. Adults and children can take advantage of the latest visual therapy technology offered by the developmental optometrist in Phoenix to improve their visual skills.