Accent Eye Care Four Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Glasses Frames

The eye is an important organ that provides us the ability to see. The eye, like other body parts, can grow weak because of certain factors. Many variable can affect eye health that includes unhealthy habits, age, and diseases. Depending on the degree of impairment, your physician might recommend the use of eyeglasses to restore the ability of your eye to see well.

The use of eyeglasses for many is something they cannot do without. For others, they are only worn occasionally. Each pair of eyeglasses is made up of a frame and plastic lenses. The frame supports the lenses in front of your eye. Glasses frames come in different types; these include Full Rimmed frames, Rimless frames, and Semi-rimmed frames.

Eyeglasses frames are an important fashion accessory. Looks and appearance are two important considerations for many before opting for any glasses frames. Many people without vision problems are turning to the use of glasses frames to enhance their looks.

Four factors to consider when choosing the perfect glasses frames for you.

The Shape of your face

This is perhaps the first thing to consider when choosing glasses frames. Ask yourself, how does my face look? Is it round, oval, diamond, square, or heart-shaped? Your glasses frames and facial features should complement each other. Getting the shape of your face right will help choose the best look.

The Color of your skin, eye, and hair

The color of your skin, eye, and hair is another important factor to consider. Choose a frame color similar to that of your skin tone. For a striking look, consider choosing a spec contrast to the color of your hair. Lastly, consider choosing a frame color that is the same as your eye color.

Consider your Lifestyle and Personality

Lifestyle and personality play into the selection of the glasses frame. For people who are outspoken and adventurous, frames with some detailed embellishment works well. The frame you choose also supports your lifestyle. Active people can opt for frames with the capacity to twist and bend without breaking.


Finally, is your comfort. Glasses need not be a burden because of its weight. In addition, the earpieces fit perfectly on your ears to prevent it from falling.

Armed with the information above, you have the knowledge of what to consider when choosing a glass frame. This should be a fun and rewarding experience for you.