Accent Eye Care What Your Face Says About Your Style of Glasses

Whether you’re buying your first pair of glasses from your Phoenix, AZ optometrist or you’re a seasoned pro, picking the right frames for your face is essential. There are an endless number of faces out there and, luckily, there are just as many different frames. We’ve focused on some of the most common face shapes: square, round oval, heart, and diamond. Read the descriptions to see which matches your face the best, and then pick out your favorite frames.


Just like the shape, square faces are similar in length and width. Square faces also have angular but wide jawlines.
The best frames for square faces: Cat-eyed.

These frames compliment a square face structure by creating a diagonal dimension that


Round faces have similar length and width as square faces do but have softer angles. Rather than the angular jawline of square faces, round faces have more curved, soft jawlines.
The best frames for round faces: Rectangular.

Rectangular frames add angles to soft features. Avoid round or curved frame. The key is to balance soft features with angular frames.


Oval-shaped faces have soft lines and have more length than width.
The best frames for oval faces: Rectangular.

It’s said that many different frames look good on oval-shaped faces, but rectangular or angular ones compliment round features well.


Considered a very angular face shape, the heart is characterized by a wide forehead and a sharp chin. The jawline typically makes a point at the chin, like the point at the bottom of a heart.
The best frames for heart faces: Round.

Round or curved frames will balance out sharp features by creating a softer look.


Much like the heart, diamond faces have pointed chins. A diamond is different in that the top half of the face is also angular. The middle of the face is the widest point, with a thinner chin and forehead.
The best frames for diamond faces: Round.

Round glasses like vintage-inspired frames provide a soft and relaxed look.

If you notice, the best frames for you should contrast your face shape. Round, soft faces look best with angular frames, and angular faces look great with curved frames. Remember, the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference; there is no scientifically proven method for picking frames. Speak with your Phoenix, AZ optometrist to learn more about your frame options. They will know the best brands and lenses for your eyes and help you pick the frames you’ve been dreaming about.