Accent Eye Care Vision Therapy for Phoenix Patients of All Ages

Who is Vision Therapy Best For?

Vision therapy is an individualized eye therapy program that is used by children and adults to improve cognitive skills, focus, and teamwork of the eyes. Vision therapy retrains the brain and strengthens the muscles of your eyes. From adults to children, students to athletes, everyone has a reason to love vision therapy.


Ocular motility is extremely important for a young child’s life. They use their eyes for everything, from reading the board at school, to catching a pop-fly during a little league game. As a result, they make up the majority of vision therapy patients. At Accent Eye Care we help kids of all ages achieve their dreams by helping their eyes be the best they can and supplying them with the tools to be effective.


Vision therapy isn’t limited by age. Adults experience many of the same problems children experience. For example, their eyes become fatigued with prolonged computer work and can cause images to seem doubled. These visual problems may decrease reading speed, fluency and comprehension. There is hope for adults because they can improve significantly faster by being focused and determined.

One common cause of visual deficiency later in life is brain related injury. After serious head trauma, many victims struggle to focus and track with both of their eyes. Accent Eye Care specializes in accessing vision related problems and creates a detailed plan to help you heal.


School has many visual demands including switching your focus from the board to your desk or maintaining a focus on a near task for a long period of time.

Vision therapy may help if your child is experiencing:

  • Difficulties in school
  • Mixing up letters
  • Frequent headaches
  • Loss of focus
  • Discomfort around or behind the eyes


Recently, vision therapy has gained a lot of traction in the sports industry thanks to all-star athletes like Larry Fitzgerald. He has successfully trained and fine tuned his skills to make his hand eye coordination better and more efficient. Vision therapy can help improve your reflex, spatial awareness, and coordination on the field.