Accent Eye Care Maximize Your Athletic Skills With Phoenix Sports Vision Therapy!

“The public doesn’t realize that you need 17 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports, and in life.”  ~ Larry Fitzgerald

Elite athletes in Phoenix take advantage of specialized training regimens that improve visual skills. However, at lower levels of play this fact is sadly less prominent and often ignored. This is why many peak and can’t find a way to improve. The unfortunate truth is many athletes suffer from reduced visual performance. In fact, 25% suffer from poor depth perception alone. Not to mention all of the other skills that factor into performance. If you are seeking to boost your performance on the field then give our Phoenix sports vision therapy a call now at 602-547-3255.

How Does Phoenix Sports Vision Therapy Work?

A common misconception of vision therapy is that it aims to improve eye muscle strength, but it is not a physical exercise. Rather, it is a therapeutic process meant to develop muscular control as well as skills with precision, coordination, reaction, focus, and much more. Each regimen is customized with specific sports in mind to optimize skill retention. Extensive research has proven the effectiveness of vision therapy among a wide variety of sports and demographics. In fact, visual screening is often used to predict the performance of athletes on the field. If you are looking for a leg up on the competition then visual therapy may be exactly what you need to break that limiting factor.

What Will Phoenix Sports Vision Therapy Improve?

Sports vision therapy improves a wide variety of skills that can be narrowed down to three basic functions:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Depth perception
  • Focus

80% of what we learn comes from our eyes and there are 17 different skills you need to master in order to maximize your visual efficiency. Studies have shown that athletes with the best vision have a higher rate of success. Statistics prove that this is true even at the Olympic level. If you are an athlete looking to gain a competitive edge then contact our Phoenix sports vision therapy center today at 602-547-3255.