Accent Eye Care Comprehensive Family Vision Therapy with Optometrists in Phoenix, AZ

Comprehensive Family Vision Care

Accent Eye Care’s optometrists have served Phoenix for years as dedicated eye care specialists. We offer quality full service vision care for patients of all ages in the Valley. Our belief is that vision is a powerful aspect of everyone’s life, so we do our best to raise awareness about the benefits vision therapy can offer everybody. Students, athletes, and trauma victims of all ages can take advantage of the great opportunity vision therapy presents.

Vision Therapy for Trauma Victims, Students and Athletes

Trauma & Brain Damage

After a traumatic head injury, many victims report loss of vision or poor comprehensive skills. This is often caused by a damaged connection between the brain and eyes. When this happens, it affects how well you can focus, track targets, maintain alignment, and repeat many basic functions. Poor vision can negatively impact every part of your life. Simply reading the board at school or catching a football can suddenly seem like an impossible task. Luckily, vision therapy is the perfect platform for repairing lost function between the brain and eyes.

School & Learning Disabilities

Many of the skills that rely on the relationship between our brain and eyes have been linked to our ability to process information. Recently, studies found that ADD and ADHD share many of the same symptoms as these vision problems. Since then, vision therapy has been implemented as a treatment to manage a number of symptoms found in these learning disorders. We accomplish this by continuously developing them until they have become an integrated part of the visual process. Eventually, they become an automatic response, just like many other cognitive skills.

Athletic Performance

Strong visual processing is critical to any athletes success in sports. Here at Accent Eye Care, we implement vision therapy regimen that is designed to help you operate at your optimum level. VT is known to improve concentration, coordination, accuracy, and balance; all are very important aspects of performance on the field. We work to fine tune your performance on the field to give you a competitive edge.