Accent Eye Care Safe Habits for Contact Lenses

Accent Eye Care Safe Habits for Contact Lenses

Most are doubtful about using contact lenses for the first time due to uncertainties on their safety, but contact lenses are harmless if only we also practice safe practices on using them. Some bad habits on using contact lenses include sleeping without removing it, using it even though it was already past its expiration date, and going into the swimming pool without removing it. Take care of your eye health by avoiding these bad habits because they lead to eye infections that can surely harm our eyes.

Most cases of infections caused by contact lenses are due to bacteria and fungi. A bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa can lead to progress a hole in the cornea which results in permanent scarring of the eyes and vision loss.

You can effortlessly avoid these bacterial and fungal eye infections if you develop and practice safe habits.

So, how do we know if we are experiencing eye infections? Red, painful, watering, light-sensitive eyes and blurry vision are indicators that one is suffering from eye infections. Once you experience these signs and symptoms, go to your eye doctor for an immediate check-up. Do not put your eyes at risk for long-term damage.

A common question about contact lenses is that is it harmless to apply water on them? The answer is no. Water contains pathogens and pollutants.

It is also widely known that sleeping with contact lenses is dangerous because you’re receiving a reduced amount of oxygen on your eyes which leads to oxidative stress that causes danger to your eyes to be infected.

So how do we take care of our contact lenses? First of all, constantly store and disinfect your lenses in the right routine. Most tend to reuse their cleaning and storage solution which leads to probable infection. Throw away your used solution and start fresh every day. Also, make sure to change your lenses once every three months. Common commendation to store the lenses in the solution is for at least four to six hours. Make sure to not use the solution directly to your eyes.

So, keep your eyes safe with these safe habits!