Accent Eye Care How to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Strain?

Technology has made many people depend heavily on digital devices. Whether you’re using a digital tool for entertainment, work, or social reasons, the chances are that at some point, you’ll feel some discomfort because of an eye strain. You only need two hours of screen time daily to develop digital eye strain. No wonder many people are looking for the best eye doctor in Rancho Encanto, Arizona.

At Accent Eyes in the Rancho Encanto area, our experts deliver educational information for prevention. Here’s how you can protect your eyes from digital strain.

1. Set up an Eye-comfortable Workspace
The angle that your computer screen makes with your eyes can cause eye strain. To ensure your eyes are comfortable, you need to place your computer at least 20 inches from your eyes, angled upwards, and slightly below the level of the eye. If you’re referring to any reference materials as you use your computer, place them in a place where you’ll not have to turn your head frequently to look at them.

2. Eliminate Glare
Computer screens emit glare that can cause your eyes to strain. To be comfortable, you need to eliminate such glare. You can do this by buying an anti-glare for your screen as you also maintain a comfortable angle. Combating glare that comes from windows or overhead lighting could also help to reduce strain.

3. Use Computer Glasses
Advice from the best eye doctors is consistent eye protection. Just like you can protect your eyes from the sun by using sunglasses, you can also save them from digital strain by wearing computer glasses. However, if you’re a graphic designer, wearing computer glasses may make you confuse colors.

4. For Every 20 min Screen Time Take a 20 Sec Break
When you use digital devices, you’ll blink less. Its, therefore, essential to take your eyes from the screen for 20 secs after every 20 minutes. You can set reminders to assist you in transforming this into a habit.

In the Rancho Encanto area, our physicians at Accent Eyes promote protecting your eyes from digital strain. This is vital because it not only makes you productive but also keeps your eyes healthy. Next time you’re working on your computer, set up a comfortable space, reduce glare, wear computer glasses, and take a 20-sec break. Call today to schedule your yearly eye exam with one of the best eye doctors in Rancho Encanto.