Accent Eye Care Bulging Eyes: What and Why?

If you have ever seen someone whose eyes seem to have bulged out of the sockets, there are two possible explanations. The first is that it is a hereditary family trait, and it is harmless. The other is that an underlying medical condition.
If it is due to a medical condition, it is called proptosis, and the person must seek medical attention. One way of being sure that the eyes are bulging out is if you can see the white color of the eye above the iris.

Causes of bulging eyes
One of the most common underlying conditions that cause proptosis is Grave’s disease. In this case, the bulging eye phenomenon is called exophthalmos. Grave’s disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism. The thyroid, responsible for releasing many hormones in the body, begins to produce an excessive amount of hormones that negatively affect the body. When you have this condition, you experience inflammation in the tissues around your eyes, leading to the bulging eyes.
Other causes of bulging eyes include
a. Neuroblastoma – This is a specific type of cancer that affects your sympathetic nervous system.
b. Rhabdomyosarcoma – This type of cancer develops in your soft tissue, for example, in the tissues around your eyes.
c. If you get an injury and there is bleeding behind your eyes.
d. If you have diseases affecting your connective tissues like sarcoidosis.
e. It can also be caused by inflammation.
Effects of bulging eyes
Left untreated, bulging eyes can lead to vision impairment or even blindness. This is because the eye may be stretching the optic nerve or exerting pressure on it for extended periods.
It is crucial that you get immediate medical attention if you notice that your eyes have begun bulging out. This will help you get it taken care of before it starts causing any adverse effects. Call Accent Eyes today for an appointment with one of our highly skilled ophthalmologists.