Accent Eye Care How to Maintain Your Eyelid Health

When many people talk about keeping their eyes healthy, they mainly think about eating healthy and protecting their eyeballs from insult. However, they forget to take care of their eyelids until they have a problem. Your eyelid forms part of the lacrimal functional unit whose parts work in tandem to maintain the health of the eye surface. The eyelids specifically help maintain a moist environment for the eyes, provide a smooth, lubricated surface for optimum visual acuity, and protect the vulnerable corneal surface. In the Rancho Encanto area with Accent Eyes there are ways you can take care of your eyelid health.

Warm, massage, and cleanse the eyes
Sometimes eye scales and crusts around the eye edges and eyelashes can lead to an eye infection. To maintain your eyelid health, try gently cleaning around the eye without touching the eye surface. You can use a cotton bud to do so. You can also use a warm compress placed on the eyelids for about five minutes to deliver warm moist heat therapy to the eye. Finally, you could also gently massage the eyelids, which can help express blocked meibomian glands.

Risk assessment and screening
Besides taking care of your eyelids yourself, you should regularly visit your ophthalmologist for routine checkups. Inform them of any worrying symptoms you have, such as swelling, blurry vision, and itching to aid in the diagnosis and treatment process.

Patient education
Your Rancho Encanto ophthalmologist is a good source for education on how to take care of your eyes, including your eyelids. They will also recommend good products to use when cleaning the eye and how to go about massaging your eyes

Your vision is very important. For more information on how to maintain your eyelid health, Rancho Encanto’s Accent Eye Care is a good place to start.