Eyebags are gentle enlarging or puffiness under the eyes — are normal as you age. With
maturing, the tissues around your eyes, including a portion of the muscles supporting your
eyelids, debilitate. Ordinary fat that helps support the eyes would then be able to move into the
lower eyelids, making the covers seem puffy. Liquid additionally may collect in the space
underneath your eyes, adding to the enlarging.

It may be caused by fluid retention. Poor diet and nutrition, and especially high consumption of
salty foods, allergies, seasonal allergies, including food allergies and other types of allergies,
sensitivities. It is also caused by other environmental sensitivities like lack of sleep, stress, and
maturing. As we age, the muscles supporting the eyelids droop, fat in the lower eyelid moves
to descend, and gravity by and large moves everything lower over the slopes and valleys
underneath the eye. Hereditary qualities can also cause eye bags. Acquired causes will in general
be long-haul and hard to determine, and they are frequently a super durable issue without a
characteristic arrangement.


Accent Eye Care How to Get Rid of Eye bags

So how can we get rid of eye bags? Know these simple tips!
1. Apply tea bags under your eyes or cold compress. Add eye bag cream and sunscreen to your
routine too.
2. Stay hydrated.
3. Take your makeup off before bed and get at least eight hours of sleep.
4. Eat food that is rich in collagen, iron and cut back on salty food.
5. Cut back on alcohol and quit smoking.

See your primary care physician if the enlarging is extreme, industrious, difficult, bothersome, or red.
Your doctor will need to preclude other potential causes that can add to the enlarging, like thyroid
sickness, contamination, or sensitivity. The individual might allude to a doctor who specializes in
the eyes (ophthalmologist), plastic surgery, or plastic surgery of the eyes (oculoplastic surgeon).