Accent Eye Care Glendale Vision Treatment Center

There are different types of vision problems that require a visit to our Glendale Vision Treatment Center. These issues might affect your eyesight and might show up in other ways too. Let us take a look at the most common cause of impaired vision that we see in our office.

The most common issues our team diagnose and treat are farsightedness and nearsightedness. The clinical term for farsightedness is hyperopia. If you have this condition, it means you are able to see things far away clearly but not things up close. Nearsightedness is medically known as myopia and it means that you can see things up close but not far away.

Our expert team at the Glendale Vision Treatment Center routinely sees both of these conditions. During your routine eye exam, your provider will ask you to look at a series of objects to help determine if you have one of these conditions.

Another common condition, we routinely diagnose is presbyopia, or aging eyes. This means that the lens of the eye gradually loses its flexibility, making it much more difficult to focus on close-up objects like printed words or images on a screen. When people have aging eyes, their distance vision usually remains strong. There is not a cure or prevention treatment for aging eyes. However, our team at the Glendale Vision Treatment Center can offer several treatment options, including progressive lenses.

If it turns out you do – do not worry! They are so common. In fact, six out of every ten adults in America wear corrective lenses. Possible treatments include contacts and glasses. You might also be a good candidate for LASIK treatment. Do not feel shy about asking our team, all of the questions you might have. Our team is standing by to help. Schedule an appointment for you or your family today.