Accent Eye Care Vital Vision Supplements That Can Improve Your Eyes’ Health

Good nutrition is vital to your eyes’ health just as it is to your other body organs. Eye supplements contain minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that are scientifically evaluated and proven to be effective. They supplement the nutrients that you get from your diet.

If you’re living in the Rancho Encanto area, you may want to contact an Accent Eyes for an eye supplement recommendation. Our experts will give you the best advice on how to use vision supplements to improve your eyes’ health. There are many combinations of eye supplements that are good for your eyes.

1. Vitamin A
If you have a Vitamin A deficiency in your body, your conjunctiva may develop a white spot known as Bitot’s spot that may make you blind or impair your night vision. Though this condition is rare in the US, it may still strike you if you’re negligent. You, therefore, want to have enough vitamin A in your system to have improved night vision, healing of wounds, and a good body immune system.

2. Vitamin C
Supplements containing Vitamin C can reduce the risk of cataract progression significantly. Though you may not wholly avoid cataracts, using supplements rich in Vitamin C can keep it from worsening. This vitamin’s antioxidant properties also enable it to reduce muscular degeneration and increased eye pressure.

3. Copper
Low amounts of hemoglobin in the blood may cause loss of vision. Using supplements rich in copper can help to raise and maintain hemoglobin levels in your bloodstream.

4. Zinc
Zinc is essential in the conversion of beta-carotene into vitamin A. The eyes need a good amount of zinc to function properly. Lack of this mineral can lead to impaired vision.

5. Lutein
The retina is composed of lutein. This mineral helps the retina to protect your eyes from infection and minimizes the risk of acquiring cataracts and age-related muscular degeneration.

At Accent Eyes in the Rancho Encanto area, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent eye care health. Eye supplements can help your eyes remain healthy and functional. Most vitamins and minerals are found in the foods you consume. You may, however, need to buy eye supplements to add to what you get from your meals if you don’t have enough vitamins in your body. Call Accent Eyes today and schedule a consultation and your annual eye exam. Your doctor will discuss eye supplements to improve your eye’s health.