Accent Eye Care Types of Contact Lenses

Many people wear glasses around the globe. However, some people either do not like wearing glasses, or their medical conditions require the use of contact lenses for vision correction. Whatever the reason for choosing contact lenses, you want to learn more about them. For the Best contact lenses, Rancho Encanto, you can visit Accent Eye Care for recommendations. Here are four types of contact lenses you can pick from.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contacts
These types of contacts are made from more durable and resistant material. Because of this, they typically give the wearer clearer, crisper vision while being more resistant to the buildup of deposits. They may be expensive to purchase, but they are less expensive over time as you wear them for longer. They are not as comfortable in the first days as soft lenses but are less likely to tear and easier to handle and the best contact lenses for some individuals.

Soft contact lenses
Unlike RGP contacts, these lenses are made of soft, flexible plastics. They are gas permeable, just like RGP contacts. You will have an easier time adjusting to these lenses than RGP lenses. They are, however, harder to handle, more prone to tear, and don’t last as long as hard contact lenses.

Daily wear contacts
These types of contacts are worn when you are awake and removed when you sleep. Most of them are disposable, and you wear them for a limited duration, for example, daily, weekly, or monthly. You can keep rigid contact lenses for longer periods than soft contacts.

Extended wear contacts
These types of contacts can be worn even when you are asleep. However, they need to be removed and cleaned at least weekly. They are typically soft contact lenses. The eye should be periodically allowed to rest from them.

If you are considering getting contacts in Rancho Encanto, please visit an ophthalmologist so that you get the best contacts lenses you can., This is important for maintaining your eye health.