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Do you wear glasses? Most people who need glasses can wear contact lenses too. They offer freedom and convenience that glasses just can’t hold up to. Contacts can even be used to treat conditions like astigmatism or irregularly shaped eyes. Accent Eye Care is the leading supplier of both practical and specialized contacts. For the best Phoenix contact lenses contact Accent Eye Care today at 602.547.3255.

Benefits of Contact Lenses

Many people switch to contact lenses because they offer so many quality-of-life benefits over glasses.

  • Contacts rest on your eye so they provide more natural vision
  • Your entire field of view is in focus with no obstruction
  • There is no extra weight or discomfort
  • Contacts don’t fog up
  • Athletes can wear contact lenses
  • Contacts don’t collect rain or condensation
  • Contacts are practically invisible

While contacts may be more convenient overall, the do require some extra care. If not properly cleaned or applied they could lead to irritation or infection. If you need help then speak to our Phoenix contact lens specialists. Our professional optometrists

Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are your standard disposable contacts. There is wide variety of soft lenses for you to choose from such as fashionable color changing lenses or Toric lenses to correct astigmatism. We have something for everyone. Additionally, our patient staff will spend the necessary time with you to explain how to care for and apply your new lenses. No more struggling with video tutorials. We truly offer the best Phoenix contact lens services.

Rigid Lenses

Rigid Gas-Permeable lenses, or RGP for short, are specialized contacts that allow oxygen to pass through to the surface of your eye. These lenses provide exceptional correction for astigmatism or misshapen eyes. They also last longer than soft lenses. However, this means some extra care is required. Always make sure to thoroughly wash and dry your hands thoroughly to avoid infection. Our professional optometrists will help you choose the best Phoenix contact lenses and show you the proper way to care for them.