Accent Eye Care EyeCam: Dry Eyes Imaging System

A dry eye is a condition when your eyes fail to produce enough tears or tear film, which results in irritation and blurry vision. Smooth and slick layer to bend light more precisely for better clarity of vision, and also form a protective barrier from the environment.

Symptoms of dry eye include:Accent Eye Care EyeCam: Dry Eyes Imaging System
– Stinging or burning sensation in your eyes.
– Blurred vision.
– A scratchy or gritty feeling like something is in your eye.
– Strings of mucus appear in or around your eyes.
– Eyes are red and irritated.
– Contact lenses are painful to wear.

Your ophthalmologist would begin your diagnosis with an eye exam. They will check your eyelids, the surface of the eye, and also check how you blink.

There are many different tests that help diagnose dry eyes. Your ophthalmologist may do a test that measures the quality or the thickness of your tears and they may also measure how quickly you produce tears.

With the new EyeCam Dry Eye Imaging system, the inspection and documentation of a dry eye disease which is an essential part to initiate the best treatment for dry eyes becomes easier.

The EyeCam provides images and videos in 4K utilizing a medical Sony sensor. Meibography of the upper and lower lids is captured using near-infrared illumination. Fluorescein images and videos measuring tear break-up time utilize blue excitation illumination along with Wratten style filter to capture details for the dry eye evaluation and Lid and lash margin imaging take advantage of our full spectrum illumination to capture the finest details.