Accent Eye Care Silverstone SS OCT

The Silverstone SS OCT is a powerful and innovative technology that is revolutionizing and becoming the gold standard in today’s retinal imaging industry. It is the only one of its kind that has an ultra-widefield (UWF) imaging device with integrated swept-source OCT. It captures a retinal image with unrivaled, crystal clear, clarity in less than half a second. This revolutionary technology is jam-packed with advanced macular analysis features. The Silverstone SS OCT features an optomap® guided OCT scanning the retina and into the far periphery. Once the retinal imaging is mapped out then pathology detection can begin anywhere across the retina. There are multiple imaging modes such as color, AF, FA, ICG, and SS OCT.Accent Eye Care Silverstone SS OCT

• UWF with integrated swept source OCT, facilitates detailed examination of the retina-vitreous to sclera
• High resolution optomap image enhances pathology detection and management from macula through the far periphery1
• Fast, single-capture, 200° imaging (less than ½ second), can improve clinic flow and patient satisfaction2
• UWF guided, swept source OCT, images pathology anywhere on the optomap
• Automatic rescan function for fast, precise follow-up scanning
• Non-mydriatic, cSLO imaging, effective through most cataracts and small (2mm) pupils
• 1050 nm OCT light source, provides deeper tissue penetration for clear, detailed choroidal imaging
• 3-in-1 Color Depth ImagingTM provides important clinical data from the retinal surface through the choroid
• OptosAdvanceTM Image Management software streamlines image review and consultations
• DICOM compatible software supports compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations 3, 4

With over 1,000+ published and ongoing clinical studies and trials as well as thousands of case studies and testimonials goes to prove that the Silverstone SS OCT is revolutionizing the digital eye mapping industry.

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