Accent Eye Care Natural Solutions for Dry Eye, Glaucoma, and Cataracts

Most people take having dry eyes for granted. Dry eyes can come from being in a room or office setting where there isn’t proper humidity. The air is just dry. Coupled with sitting in a bright room under fluorescent lights and having a computer monitor radiate back into your eyes. You have a recipe for dehydrated eyes. Sleeping in a room with lights or television on can also contribute to dry eye.

Dry eyes must be taken seriously. Ignoring the issue can lead to more serious eye health problems which relate to elevated eye pressures and even glaucoma. If you sleep in a dry room or work in a dry office space. It would be a good idea to add a cold mist humidifier to your environment. Walgreens even sells mini portable versions ( Sells between $20-$30) that you can stick a water bottle in and have a fine cool mist within seconds.

Liquid Tears should be used once to twice a day. If you have nothing, even taking a warm washcloth or paper towel moistened with cool water laid over your eyes can be therapeutic and refreshing. They say tea bags over the eye reduce wrinkles because of the antioxidants in black tea. Teabags can also be hydrating. Cucumber slices can be hydrating and cooling over the eye lid.

There are natural supplements you can take to help improve eye health. Lutein helps maintain the balance of eye health. Beta Carotene which is rich in Vitamin A also helps optimize eye health. This goes back to the old adage of moms encouraging their children to eat carrots for healthy eyes. Bilberry, researched in Germany, helps to strengthen the optic nerve and improves night vision.

My mother was diagnosed with cataracts in her right eye and glaucoma in the left eye. The eye pressures were greatly elevated in both eyes. In the eye with glaucoma, the doctor administered a prescription for eye drops to reduce her pressure. There was nothing the doctor could do for the right eye. We needed to stave off cataract surgery.

Accent Eye Care Natural Solutions for Dry Eye, Glaucoma, and Cataracts

I came across an older report about Edgar Cayce, who conducted a reading for an older woman with similar debilitating eye issues. He told her to place a shaved raw potato ( no skin) over each eye at night. Within a year and a half, her issues had cleared up.

For two weeks I placed shaved grated Idaho potato over her eyes at bedtime. Prior to this her pressure in the right eye was 19 and the left eye was 21. After two weeks we had her eye pressure tested. To my amazement, the right eye was reduced to 17 and the left eye to 18.

Potatoes also reduce eye bruising. At my regular breakfast spot, my waitress Candace, had an altercation with her boyfriend, he slugged her in the eye. She had a purple bruise around her eye. I told her about using a raw potato at night. When I saw her again a few days later, her bruise was almost completely gone. She said the potato worked great and it helped it to feel less inflamed and swollen.

There is a protocol of natural eye drops to help with cataracts that contain N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine or NAC derivitave N- Acetyl Carnitine, beta-alanine and L-histidine. These can be researched online to see if they can be safely administered. They use the supplement grade in liquid form administered in a drop over the eye in lieu of placing the vitamins in your mouth. These supplements have had a researched effectiveness in diminishing the symptoms of glaucoma and cataract issues.