Accent Eye Care Common Air Pollutants Constantly Bombarding Our Eyes

The eye is a delicate body organ with a large and moist site area that is visible to external factors of the environment that makes it very exposed and prone to air pollution compared to
other body organs. Pollution is the introduction of destructive resources into the environment. There are different types of pollution: water pollution, air pollution, solid waste pollution, and noise pollution. Air pollution is the corruption of the indoor or outdoor atmosphere by any chemical, physical or biological agent that transforms the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. Household combustion devices, motor vehicles, industrial facilities, and forest fires are common sources of air pollution.

Common air pollutants found in cities are:
– Carbon monoxide (CO)
– Nitrogen dioxide (NO)
– Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
– Arsenic,
– Asbestos,
– Benzene,
– Lead
– Chlorofluorocarbons
– Particulate matter
– Dioxin

Common symptoms commonly evident for eyes that have been exposed severely to air pollution
are as follows:
– Burning sensation
– Redness of the eyes
– Irritation
– Watering
– Discharge
– Swelling of the eyes
– Difficulty opening the eyes
– The increased potential threat of infections
– Gritty sensation

Air pollution does not just harm air, water, and soil but it also causes harm to our physical body especially the eyes. Scientific research has shown that the levels of oxidants in the air and eye irritation have some correlation at certain times of the year. Oxidants dissolve in the tear film of the eyes and can acidify it which irritates the eye’s mucous membrane.

Eye symptoms that have been caused by severe exposure to air pollutants without the presence of infection or allergy are treated by cooling the eyes by washing gently with clean water and
cool compress application. Lubricating eye drops and sunglasses are also helpful options to protect the eyes from these air pollutants. Avoid the use of contact lenses and makeup until the eyes are fully healed.

Accent Eye Care Common Air Pollutants Constantly Bombarding Our Eyes